Enrolment and Charges

Enrolment and Charges

Enrolment and Charges

All fees are to be paid one month in advance and an invoice will be provided. All childcare vouchers are accepted, however, please see me with regards to the setup of the scheme.

Basic Rate

My normal working day is between the hours or 8am and 6pm. With prior arrangement, children can be dropped off and collected any time within these hours. This will be charged at a basic hourly or daily rate (whichever total is most cost effective)

  • Basic Hourly Rate (normal working hours): £3.95 per hour
  • Basic Day Rate (normal working day): £34.00

Out of Hours Rate

Drop off and pick up outwith this time can be accommodated, however this will be at a higher rate per hour

  • Out of hours rate: £6.00 per hour

Pre School/Nursery Attendance

If the child attends nursery or pre-school during the time in my care, a 25% discount will be applied to the hours the child attends i.e. a child in my care from 8am to 3pm (7 hours) would normally cost £27.65 per day (£3.95 ph), however, if for two of those hours the child is in nursery/pre-school then the charges will be 5 hours @ £3.95 and 2 hours @ £2.96 totalling £25.67 per day.

Charges will be reviewed annually in April. Any change will be notified and at least 1 month in advance

Holidays and Sickness

I will take a total of 5 weeks holiday per annum, dates of which will notified at the beginning of each year.

Charges for holidays and time off will be as follows (bank holidays are classed as normal working days):


  • Holidays taken at same time as childminder: No charge
  • Holidays taken out with childminder holidays: Full rate


  • Childminder sick: No charge
  • Child in care sick: Full rate

Download Enrolment and Charges documents:
Enrolment Form: Enrolment-Form.docx
Charges: Charges_rev_2020213.doc

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