Behavioural Policy

Behavioural Policy

I aim to run a professional and child friendly service and to do so I require having a behavior management policy in place.

Promoting positive behavior is very important to me and I will do this in a number of ways:

  • Establish a set routine
  • I will always listen to what children have got to say
  • I intend to set a good example for the children to follow
  • I am consistent with my rules
  • I set realistic limits according to each child’s age and development
  • I reward good behavior, examples include child getting to select next activity, good behavior sticker.
  • I encourage self-discipline and respect for others

And most importantly:

  • I give lots of praise and attention
  • I will help each child to accept and understand these rules.
  • I will set clear and simple rules about what is acceptable and unacceptable behavior and advising each child and parents of this.

I want the children to feel safe and content in my home, sticking as much as possible to their known routine and with having this policy in place hopefully it will reduce the likelihood of unwanted behavior.

However all children may misbehave at times and I have developed certain strategies for dealing with this situation. These include:

  • Distraction – take child to another activity
  • Removal – take child away from activity and move to another
  • Ignore – sometimes bad behavior is to get a reaction
  • Discussion – explain why behavior is unacceptable
  • Time Out – removal of child from activity and resting for a small time
  • Removal of treats
  • Dealing with in a calm and controlled manner.

I will never smack, shake, hurt or humiliate your child.

I will let you know of any misbehaved episodes. It is vital we work together on managing behavior to avoid confusion.

Download the Behavioural Policy: Behavioural-Policy.doc

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