Confidentiality Policy

Confidentiality Policy

Records will be held on each child and will be made available to the respective parent/guardian at their request. This information and additional verbal information will be strictly confidential. Rules of confidentiality WILL NOT apply should there be concern over a child protection issue.

All files and records of the children within my care will be stored in a secure manner; hardcopies will be stored in a locked filing cabinet at the property and electronic records will be stored in password protected files.


Maintaining confidentiality is a central part of working as a professional childminder. You will appreciate that, as a childminder, I will require a list of information and knowledge about the children that I care for and their families.

A lot of the information I maybe told is of a sensitive nature and you can be assured that I will do everything possible in order to keep this information confidential at all times

I will endeavour not to pass on information, without your prior permission (except in very extreme circumstances when it may be in the interest of the child to do so), to any individual.

Please help me maintain confidentiality be refraining from asking me for any information relating to another child in my care.

Please remember that everyone has the right to confidentiality and you help in maintaining this within my setting is much appreciated.

Download the Confidentiality Policy: Confidentiality-Policy.docx

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