Administration of Medicine: Records and Procedures

Administration of Medicine: Records and Procedures

Medication prescribed or non-prescribed, such as calpol, nurofen etc will only be administered where written authorisation has been given by parents prior to child being left in care of childminder.

Parents should have already given at least one dose to ensure the child does not have an adverse reaction to the medication e.g. allergic to an antibiotic.

If a child becomes unexpectedly unwell during a session at childminder, parents to be notified as outlined under "Accidents & Emergencies".

Where a child has ongoing need for medication on a regular or as required basis, authorisation must be given from parents on ‘Authorisation for Medication’ form.
Parents must inform me of any medication that they have given their child before they arrive into my care, including name of medicine, the dose and time given.

"Authorisation for Administration of Medication" form must clearly identify child’s name, medication and dose, and method of administration.

In the event of medication to be administered via a non-oral route, i.e. suppository or injection, childminder to receive training from parent and/or district nurse.

All medication required by the child to be provided by the parent in original packaging, and name of child clearly marked and in date.

When medication has been administered during the session, childminder to record date, time medication, dose and any comments on ‘Authorisation for Administration of Medication’ Form. Parents must sign form when collecting child.

If a child refuses to take medication, or spits out medication, this will be documented on ‘Authorisation for Administration of Medication’ form, but will not be re-administered.

All medications will be stored directly out of reach of children and in the correct way.

If you have any questions or concerns about medication please do not hesitate to discuss this with me.

Download the Administration of Medicine: Records and Procedures: Administration-of-Medicine.doc

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