Child Protection Policy

Child Protection Policy

My responsibility and primary aim as a childminder is to provide a safe, secure, stimulating environment where by a child can develop at their own requirements.

A good approach to child protection is to always remember the following points:

1. The welfare of the child is paramount
2. The child’s views should be taken into account
3. Action must be in the best interests of the child

I am fully aware of the signs and symptoms of child abuse including physical, sexual, emotional and those of neglect. In a case where I feel it necessary to report any concerns, then I will contact the Social Services Department, who are the appropriate organisation to deal with these concerns.

Issues relating to child protection also apply within my home and I must ensure that children do not get access to inappropriate materials and that every effort is made to retain the dignity and privacy of children. As a childcare provider, and as a responsible parent to my own children, I have the obligation to inform parents/guardians of any accidents or injuries that their child sustains whilst in my care. It is also essential that I am informed by the parents/guardians of any accidents or injuries that their child sustains at home or elsewhere.

If you have any concerns about this policy please feel free to discuss them with me.

Download the Child Protection Policy: Child-Protection-Policy.doc

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