Whistle Blowing Policy

Whistle Blowing Policy

In my role as a childminder I have a duty to report unacceptable behaviour:

  • By assistants who may be working for me
  • By other childminders
  • By childcare workers
  • By other professionals working with children to the relevant authorities.

This action will be necessary when:

  • the behaviour is detrimental to children
  • has placed them at risk
  • has caused actual harm to them
  • is illegal

In these situations I may be required to contact:

  • the Police
  • the Social Work Service
  • the Care Commission
  • other relevant body

To pass on the information known to me or to inform of events that I have witnessed.

I am also required to notify the Care Commission if I become aware of persons who are childminding without being registered.

Download the Whistle Blowing Policy: Whistle-blowing-policy.doc

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